How KYC Protects You

In our quest to insulate your deposits and withdrawals, as well as your personal data, from being used for unauthorized purposes, we have built a series of safeguards which will help us make sure that none of your funds are used for an illicit activity such as the support of fraud or terrorism. This has mandated us to validate the identity of each of our clients, for the benefit of both our clients, our company and the online trading community in general.

The protocol that we follow referred to as “Know Your Client”, or KYC, is the industry standard for online trading companies. In order to maximize the impact of these procedures, we require new accounts to be in compliance within 72 hours of our initial request for documentation. After this time frame has expired, your account will be frozen, which will halt trading and suspend withdrawal requests.

The Verification Process

Below we have included an overview of what is mandated to validate your new account. However, if you have any questions, one of our customer support team members is available to assist you.

What types of documents will be required for you to open an account?

Please note that the documents listed below should be sent in full color, and should include the entire document, including all four corners, and both sides in cases where information is present on the front and back. Copies that are not legible or that are in black and white cannot be accepted.

Additionally, all attachments should be less than 5mb for security purposes. We can accept documents in the following file formats: JPG, PDF, PNG.

Acceptable Documentation

We need to see copies of documents from each of the categories below:

  • Valid Passport/ Government Issued ID / Driver’s License – Document should include a photo and date of birth.

  • Utility bills or a bank statement. Documents must show the name of the client, complete address and be no more than 3 months from the initial deposit date.

  • Credit Card / Debit Card.  Please take a digital image or scan the front and back of the card and confirm that all four corners are visible. We need to see all of the following details:

  • Cardholder name
  • The first six digits and the last four digits of the number on the front of the credit or debit card
  • Card expiration date
  • The cardholder signature
  • The last four digits of the Credit / Debit Card(s) number as shown on the back of the card.

NOTE: Please cover up the three-digit CVV code which is located on the back of the card before making a copy, as we do not need this information.

  • Declaration of Deposit

We will send you an email with a form listing the deposits we have received for your account. Please complete this Declaration of Deposits form and make sure to sign it before returning it to us.

  • Bonus Agreement

Where relevant please sign the bonus terms and conditions if you wish to take advantage of one our bonus offers.

From time to time, we may offer you bonuses as part of your trading activity. If you wish to participate in these incentives, we will need you to complete, sign, and return the bonus agreement which we will send to you via email.

You can always contact us with any questions relating to our mandated documentation.