Wilkins Finance Privacy Policy

We want to keep your personal information safe. We promise that we keep all of the communication and documents that we receive undisclosed, and we never share private records with third parties without your permission.

There are certain documents that we require to open a Wilkins Finance Account that contain personal data. This information is only used to confirm your identity in compliance without KYC (Know Your Client) procedures. These records are stored securely and are only used by authorized employees of the firm.

By maintaining strict policies against identity theft and fraud we are able to protect your account from being compromised, resulting in a secure trading environment.

By opening a trading account with our firm, you are stating that the information you have provided regarding your identity is both accurate and true. We can only offer accounts to those trading on their own behalf, and close accounts discovered to be fraudulent in any way, including being opened as an attempt to impersonate a third party.

We only gather such information as mandated to activate the trading account, or which is available through the use of cookies to review the interaction between our traders and the Wilkins Finance network. We use the latest technology to keep access to all personal information submitted to us limited to company employees, and only when the information is mandated to perform their duties within the scope of their job function. The only exceptions to the release of information are under the following circumstances:

  • Upon receipt of written consent by the client, and only to those entities specified within that consent document.
  • When requested as part of a legal investigation
  • When needed for outside verification of the identity of an account holder 

By opening a Wilkins Finance account, clients acknowledge that all interactions between themselves and the firm will be kept on file, for use in assisting with account operations, and in case of disputes. As part of operating your trading account, clients agree to the use of any and/or all of the information submitted in the course of creating or using the account by the company when necessary to conduct business.

As a service to our community, Wilkins Finance may sometimes attempt to contact clients by phone or by email. This allows us to provide information regarding market events or digital options trading. On occasion, we may also reach out with additional information regarding promotions or benefits. As part of our terms and conditions, opening an account represents acceptance of this contract, unless we receive a notice to cease receiving this communication, either by phone or by email. Upon receiving a request of this nature, we will no longer contact the client regarding promotions.