Trading Resource Kit

Traders choose to work with up and down options because they are one of the easiest investment vehicles to master. While the basics can be learned within a few days, successful traders make use of the tools provided on the platform to maximize their earning potential. All of the resources we provide for our traders open new opportunities to fine-tune predictions about price directions, and can also be invaluable in using the more advanced trading selections, such as trading on the ladder.

Trend Bar

The Wilkins Finance platform includes a window into trader sentiment, which can be critical in determining whether the market expects the market to be bearish, or negative, on a particular asset, as opposed to being bullish, or positive, on the asset. Our trend bar gives a constantly updated picture of the orders other traders are making. By looking at how the market views each instrument, you can decide when to go with the crowd, and when to strike out on your own.

Charting with Candlesticks

Charting is one of the best ways to use historical prices to track asset behavior. By taking the high and low prices of each asset over a given period of time, you can see how it performed both in the recent past, and how it is likely to perform in the future. You can also see open and close prices to get an idea of whether the asset’s price is likely to go up or down.

When using the candlestick method, first you pick a specific time frame to review. For example, if you plan on trading a five-minute option, you might run a report which shows the open price, close price, high price, and low price for the asset in 30-second intervals over a 10 minute period immediately before the time you plan to open your trade.

Once your report is complete, you can then shape the information into a graph. Each time slice of the graph is called a candle, and traders have been able to translate candle patterns into signals which predict market movements. Our market analysts can help you learn the 10 most common patterns which traders use to decide when a price trend is beginning or ending.

Using Support and Resistance

Investor beliefs play a strong role in setting asset prices. There are typically maximum and minimum price levels which restrict values, absent a market event which significantly changes how traders view a specific asset’s worth. The maximum price during a given trend is called the ceiling, or resistance level. The minimum price is called the floor, or support level.

Once the support or resistance changes, this is a good moment for traders to place Sell and Buy orders depending on the direction of the new trend. This is because it takes a strong market movement to move past existing support and resistance levels. Therefore the new trend can be expected to last for a while.

It is often a good time to trade when an asset’s support or resistance level is about to change. Because it takes a lot of momentum to push a price past its previously set floor or ceiling, the new trend is typically very strong, and can be expected to last for long enough to provide a significant profit opportunity. Therefore, tracking historic support and resistance levels is a method used by advanced traders.

Rollover and DoubleUp

At Wilkins Finance, we like to give our traders as many chances as possible to earn more from their investment. For example, most digital options orders have a specific time limit, and any profit or loss is realized immediately after that order expires. However, there may be times when you feel you would be able to make more if you were able to keep the trade open longer. Or alternatively, you may currently be out of the money, but can see that the trade is turning in your favor if you were given additional time. Our Rollover and Double Up options allow you to keep your trade open for an additional period.

For an additional fee, your existing order can be “rolled over” into a new expiry time frame, which will allow you another chance at earning a profit from a trade that still has potential. The “DoubleUp” feature makes it possible to create a new duplicate order, thereby allowing almost twice as much profit at minimal cost. By giving investors more control over their orders, we can help you maximize your rewards while minimizing your risks.

Wilkins Finance always works with clients to meet your needs. We’ve created the perfect blend of technology and support, which lets you pick the best strategies and get all of the benefits associated with working with a top brokerage. We invite you to create an account today and make use of the tools we make available to each of our traders.

Market Event Calendar

The most important information needed to invest wisely is understanding what and when to trade. Our Calendar updates you about regular trading events which are likely to impact asset prices significantly. Many of these indicators are based on government reports, which are released on a regular schedule.

We have designed our Calendar to make it easy to track the time and date, impacted asset, and the importance of each event. We have also included a list of any expected numbers, as well as the previous figures for that event. Use the Calendar to plan your order placement, so that you don’t miss out on any profit opportunities.

Asset Index

In this section of the website, you will find a complete list of all of the categories of assets on offer on our trading platform. Please note that some of these assets are available at different times depending on which international markets are open.

We offer a wide range of the most popular investment instruments in every class, including currencies, stocks, indices, and commodities. Check our asset list to see detailed summaries, available trading intervals, and trading options for each instrument.