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If you want to know which financial instruments are available to you with Olsson Capital online trading, then this is the place to check. In the following pages you will find a complete list of assets for which CFD trading is offered on the Olsson Capital financial trading site. For your convenience they are divided into five categories. The five categories are cryptocurrencies, currencies, stocks, commodities, indices. You will enjoy an overview of each category with all its assets on one page. Each single asset is listed once in the category it belongs to. The index makes it easy for you to find out, if CFDs for a specific asset in a particular category is among the vast variety offered on this site. Simply open the page by clicking on the required category and all associated assets will appear directly on your screen. Each asset has its own individual trading times. These are indicated with each asset listing. Please just click on a specific asset to display this information, before opening a position for a CFD.

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